The project should be inclusive. All people should have access and participation rights on equal terms. The project should not be exclusive in terms of race, gender, sexual orientation, economic situation or age.

At the YOUR Planet area of German Superbloom Festival, there was a wheelchair course and a so-called "showdown game". At the wheelchair course, visitors could try out how it feels to have to overcome obstacles of everyday life in a wheelchair by mastering a course with doors, curves, hills and much more. The showdown game is a kind of table tennis for blind people. Blindfolded players must kick a clacking disc back and forth on a table with bats. Each side has a goal into which the disc can fall. The goal is to locate the disc with your ears and react accordingly, i.e. to get it into the opponent's goal. This woman organized the wheelchair course (German):
Our team members tested the wheelchair course at Superbloom 2022 personally. Photo by Judith Kaiser
In this Showdown Game you have to use your ears to win. Players without vision impairment are blindfolded. Photo by Holger Jan Schmidt
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Roskilde Festival has also launched an action plan for diversity and equality, focusing on all parts of the organization (Danish; please use the automatic translation feature of your browser to view it in your language):

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