There certainly isn't any bureaucracy at festivals... or is there?

Actually, there is, and quite a lot...

For festivals: Keep in mind to organize exhibition contracts, written agreements, barter deals, collaborations, etc. with NGOs as soon as possible because they need more time to implement these things than commercial businesses. This also goes for content meant for social media like shout-outs, photos, videos, texts, etc. Particularly smaller NGOs need a little longer to organize such things.

For NGOs: Festivals have regulations and contracts as well! If you are the contact person for the festival, make sure you understand everything they expect from you. Implement contracts and agreements as fast as possible, and keep your volunteers informed about important rules and regulations at the festival.

Your organization needs to have a certain legal status to be able to sign contracts and similar documents. Find out if you have this status, and if not, talk to the festival to find out how you can realize your partnership differently. It is possible to cooperate with a festival without the NGO being a legal entity – but it comes with its own challenges.

If you are not sure, don’t hesitate to mention uncertainties and ask for help. Talk to the festival team, experienced people from your network, or even get professional advice to feel safe.

Check out some expert advice on the legal status of NGOs:

In English:
● "EU registration options for NGOs – Preparing UK-based NGOs for Brexit":

● "Legal status of non-governmental organizations in Europe" by Council of Europe Publishing:

 In German:
● "Verein, Stiftung oder gGmbH: Welche Rechtsform passt zur NGO?" by Fundraising-Magazin online:
● "Non-profit-Organisation: Rechtsform" by Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Klimaschutz:

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