How much (physical) space is there to implement the project?

Climbing tower of Ich-will-da-rauf e.V. at Superbloom Festival. Photo by Holger Jan Schmidt
For festivals: Make sure you give NGOs enough space to set up necessary equipment and to make them clearly visible. If you can, offer them to use booths that you organize to give your NGO area a signature look.

For NGOs: Make sure you know how much space you have to realize your project. You might need to adapt the material you usually use to make it fit. Plan in enough time and resources to fulfill the space requirements.

For example: At a music festival, an NGO asked if they could bring the 11-meter wide banner they usually use at events to decorate their booth. This was more than three times the space that each NGO was had available at the festival. When requests like this come in, festivals should consider that NGOs will likely first try to work with what they have already available, which may lead to misconceptions. Kindly explain and ask if there is a smaller, more suitable solution. Communicate important information, like how much space is available, as early as possible. Festivals should also explain why some NGOs might get more space than others. For example, because they bring a large structure that showcases their work best or are indispensable for their activities.

One such case was the climbing tower of Ich-will-da-rauf! e.V. at Superbloom Festival 2022 (see; German; please use a browser with translation function to view it in your language). The festival and the association had discussed this in advance.

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