Stage 7: Implementation

This is what the festival crowd looks like from the photographers’ pit (Lowlands Festival). Photo by Holger Jan Schmidt
This is it. You worked so much, had so many meetings, revisions, now you have a project. You have secured some funding, you have your volunteers ready and motivated. You are ready to launch.

Are you? Really? How do you make sure of it?

Did you know most accidents happen while departing or entering a city; during take off and landing? These are the moments you need to be most prepared. Once things have taken off and are running, you can sit back.

Running a project smoothly is all about preparation, testing and being prepared. You cannot simply wing it, doing or trying to do something without much practice or preparation, or in other words, improvise. You need to test; you need to be informed.

So now, please fasten your seat belts, bring your seat into the upright position, fold up your table trays, and open the window blinds. Your project is about to take off. Start going through the checklist, and enjoy the ride…

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