Why do you want to do your project?

What kind of project would you like to organize? What is your purpose for this project? What would you like to achieve? What do you want to teach?

Nobody does a project just to do a project. At least, they ought not to. It is essential to set the rationale of your project very early on. You should discuss among yourselves and with your potential partners the purpose and the necessity of spending time, energy and resources on organizing such a project. If you cannot identify why you are doing such a project at the very beginning, the next steps will be built on shaky grounds. So, time to think: Why?

For example, does your project satisfy a demand, does it tackle a particular challenge? If yes: good! Try to identify which gaps you want to fill and create your project around them.

If you need support and Information on project management, and revise all necessary steps of planning and running a project, this toolkit on project management by the Council of Europe and the European Commission may help:

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