Who does what?

Superbloom's NGO area Your Planet focuses on environmental and social topics. Photo by Holger Jan Schmidt
For festivals: Depending on the number of NGOs you work with, it might make sense to hire someone that is only responsible for dealing with NGOs. Make sure this person collects the cellphone numbers of the NGO representatives involved, as sometimes they don't have signatures in their mails or only a landline number from their office.

For NGOs & festivals: Clarify, which processes the organizer is responsible for (accreditation list, rules on how the booth should look like, ...) and which the contact person of the NGOs is responsible for (send names for accreditation list, decorate booth, ...), so that there is no confusion. Particularly for festival first-timers, there are a lot of new processes and impressions involved in organizing something at a festival. So, take into consideration that some things might take a little more time than usual.

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