Who can broadcast and talk to the press?

For NGOs: Festivals are exclusive places, and they are bound by strict copyright and privacy rules. The project may be very interesting and may attract a lot of attention. However, the NGO should be careful to abide by the festival's rules and procedures. A volunteer broadcasting or streaming live in a specific area where she/he has access because of the project may be highly inappropriate and even against the law and/or festival regulations.

Also, NGOs might be willing to have some press coverage for the project, but they must have an agreement with the festival prior in terms of disclaimers (i.e., the project is NOT part of the official programme) and visual identity.

Ask about press coverage or a communications plan in good time. By doing so, you will raise awareness and help your contact person to reach out to the festival's communications/press team.

For festivals & NGOs: Journalism 101: make sure you spell the names of NGOs and festivals correctly. A basic rule that is nevertheless often overlooked and can lead to awkward situations.

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