Are you ready?

Almost done – one last question. So far, you really did great! (Wall found at the volunteer camp of Roskilde Festival). Photo by Holger Jan Schmidt

Well, would you look at that! You have made it through the FUSION Toolbox! Our first question is also our last question: Are you ready? If yes: great! You have a project now, ready to take off. Congratulations and enjoy your festival adventure.

Or maybe not? Perhaps some questions have made you realize that you still need to think and plan and that your idea is still not ready to become a project. Or maybe the project is great, but not suitable to happen in a festival setting. In any case, going through the list of questions was a useful and an important exercise.

We would like to offer you a checklist; maybe to print and keep close. Check the boxes if you have answered a question, or if you had an in depth discussion on the topic, or if you read the links and studied the cases and examples.

PDF: FUSION Toolbox Summary

This is not an exam, there is no pass or fail. You can always come back to the list and increase the number of checked boxes, revisit the links and study the cases.

Feel free to share this toolbox with everyone who might find it useful.

Thanks for using it, and bye-bye!

You've made it through the FUSION Toolbox. Well done! (Sign found at Lowlands Festival.) Photo by Holger Jan Schmidt

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