How will you communicate the project to others?

Organizing guided tours through your NGO area is a great way to make your partners’ hard work visible. Photo by Steffen Eirich
For NGOs & festivals: Is information communicated in due time and through adequate channels? How will you promote and communicate the project and its activities to the potential participants in the festival? To the community? To all other potential stakeholders and beneficiaries?

Do you have enough time to promote the project to all potential participants and motivate them for participation?

Do you have a communication timeline, specifying what will be communicated, how it will be communicated, and by whom?

Is the terminology used appropriate to both festivals and the NGOs, and do they agree?

Is the visual guide and disclaimer policy discussed and agreed by project partners? Especially, is the festival logo and visual identity use possible and agreed?

For NGOs: Consider the audience and their habits at the festival. You can make wishes, but the production has the final word. Often, time or a lack thereof determines whether something can be done or not. Also: don't disrupt the communication between the festival and its audience!

For Festivals: Since access to the festival site is restricted, you might want to organize guided tours through the NGO area. Here, you could invite media representatives or your stakeholders to show them the NGOs' projects, give explanations etc.

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