Who is the contact person at the festival?

Wow, you have made it through half of our toolbox! Take a moment to enjoy some food related puns (found at Roskilde Festival 2022). Photo by Katharina Weber
For festivals: You need to appoint someone in your organization to reliably answer all questions with which NGOs might come up. Ideally, this would be only one person and someone that is available all week long. It could be a person specifically hired to deal with NGOs or someone else who already works for your organization. But be warned not to underestimate the workload that comes with organizing an NGO area.

For NGOs: Know who your contact person is at the festival. Also make sure you know how to reach them before, during and after the event, and make sure they know how to reach you. Try not to change the contact person in your NGO multiple times. Especially big festivals have to organize a lot. You save them a lot of time if there is a concrete contact person for the entire time of preparation.

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