Are you still looking for ideas?

In developing and planning your activity, it may help to think of the programme priorities of the EU's Erasmus+ priorities.

In Erasmus+, the priorities are officially called and sequenced like this:

● Inclusion and Diversity
● Digital Transformation
● Environment and fight against climate change
● Participation in democratic life, common values and civic engagement

In the European Solidarity Corps programme, they are officially called and sequenced like this:

● Inclusion and Diversity
● Environmental protection, sustainable development and climate action
● Digital Transformation
● Participation in democratic life

So, nuances between the programmes, but – intentionally – identical thematic priorities.

When working on these topics, make sure that you educate your whole organization and that everyone's willing to change their behaviour. Nobody has to be perfect from the start, but it's important to start and enter the process. Make sure you're learning about this by using media provided by experts, and don't make your own assumptions.

You can check the priorities of the Erasmus programme by following this link:

It also never hurts to look at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to find ideas:

Or the values expressed in YOUROPE's Take a Stand campaign for festivals:

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