Which festival would be the best one to implement the project?

For NGOs: Festivals can differ quite a lot depending on the music genre, event site and target group. Some audiences might be more open to your idea than others. Are you still looking for the festival that would suit you best? Check the list of festival associations below to find out which festivals exist in your country.

Do you already have a specific festival in mind? Consider if your idea fits this festival's concept and if it can be easily implemented there. Use the demographics of your target group and the info you have about the festival's target groups to create a vibe that will lead to lots of reactions/interactions.

If the festival has a specific audience, and you know your project might cause tension or discussion with parts of the audience, think about whether you want that. If so, communicate the risk involved with the organizers and your volunteers so that no one will be caught off guard.

For festivals: Have you defined your festival’s core values?

Before aimlessly inviting NGOs, you should be aware which values you want to represent at your festival, so you know which NGOs might help you create a project around said values. Also: Clearly define your expectations regarding sustainability and design from the beginning. NGOs may need help in implementing your sustainability requirements when it comes to giveaways, banners, flyers, etc.

For both: What's also important: it is o.k. to find out that you're not a match! Keep looking for a partner that fits better with your concept, rather than trying to make it fit by force.

Check out this list of national festival associations to find festivals near you. 

Here are some impressions from the arts & activism programme at Roskilde Festival for you to get inspired:

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