Is it possible to connect the work of different NGOs at a festival?

Roskilde Festival takes its activist stage, FLOKKR, on tour and organizes workshops with young people. Photo by Roskilde Festival
For NGOs: NGO areas are a great place to network. See who is there besides you and have a chat. You never know to which new projects it might lead.

For festivals: Connecting the different NGOs that have come to present themselves at a festival can lead to new projects. Try to find out how you can bring them together creatively to enhance their brands and reputation as well as your own.

For example: Roskilde Festival’s “FLOKKR On Tour” project gathers different activist groups, NGOs and artists to engage young people in the fight for climate justice and human rights. During spring, Roskilde Festival’s arts & activism team facilitates engagement labs as learning platforms for the participating partners. They get to know each other and develop the project. Check it out (English and Danish):

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