Ongoing support and communication among partners and between partners and participants

Build a continuous dialogue between festivals and project organizers. Photo by Zen Chung from Pexels
There should be a continuous dialogue between festivals and project organizers, so everyone is on the same page.

Both sides should only create press releases or social media posts etc. after they have coordinated the content with the other side. For this purpose, NGOs and festivals should receive the official logos and graphics of their partner and use only these when communicating.

For NGOs: Festivals often work with many different partners, so communication between you might be minimal. This likely represents not a lack of appreciation of your work, but a lack of time on the festival team’s side. This also means that creating media content around every single one of their partners is hardly possible for them. You can try to create good quality content yourself and offer it to the festival to share on their channels. But please don’t be disappointed if they don’t.

For festivals: Explain to NGOs honestly how much you will be able to communicate with them and which communication content you can and cannot provide. A small NGO might not automatically understand how it is to manage a festival with dozens of partners involved. Still, find a smart way to take care of their requests (e.g., by creating info packs), since you want them to deliver the best possible work at your event.

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