Do you know your competencies?

When in doubt, talk to the festival crew. They either know the answer or know someone who knows it. Photo by Noemi Kapusy
For NGOs: Guests often cannot differentiate between the festival’s staff and the NGOs’ staff. If someone approaches you with a question that is outside your NGO expertise, refer them to the info points on the festival site. Don’t give them information unless you’re 100% sure it’s correct – otherwise it might cause confusion. Festivals should have implemented structures to answer any questions the visitors might have.

For festivals: Tell NGOs where guests can find information (info points, official festival crews, apps, websites, telephone numbers). Creating an FAQ sheet / hand-out guide could come in handy.

Check out the FAQ page of Wacken:Open:Air:

Information can also be arranged alphabetically, like Summer Breeze Open Air does on their website (please note that it’s only alphabetical in the original German version :)):

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