Stage 5: Reaching out and Communication

Take in this impressive photo of Lollapalooza Berlin, before you dive into stage 5. Photo by Holger Jan Schmidt
If a cool social innovation project takes place at a festival, but nobody sees it, did it really happen?

The whole reason for social innovation is to contribute to the community and the young people making a difference. The project you have designed, worked so hard to implement is like a stone in a pond, the ripples will go on, getting bigger. To make this happen, you need to reach out and communicate with the rest of society.

Nowadays, we are living in a Transparency Society, as the modern-day philosopher Byung Chul-Han called it. People are constantly documenting and sharing what they wear, what they eat, which song they are listening to, and how many kilometers they ran… Almost an information overload.

It would be nice to also hear what some concerned people are doing for the other members of society; creating a positive change, making a difference. That is what your project is about. So, you need to create a ripple effect and spread word about your project from start to end. Communication needs to be planned and executed professionally to maximize participation and to increase your impact.

Smooth communication, through planned and predetermined channels and procedures, is also important for the successful execution of your project. You need both internal communication between partners and reaching out and dissemination with the other members of society and stakeholders.

You need to have a social media strategy, images and sounds to create and keep people interested. So, as you can see, this is not an easy task. Better start with our questions… 

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