Are giveaways part of the project?

For NGOs: Consider if handing out free stuff is sensible and if yes, which kind of stuff. Giving out, for example, free food while the caterers in the food stalls next to you are trying to earn their living might not be such a good idea. The festival might have a no-giveaway or no-flyer policy, prohibiting giving out certain items at the entire festival. Sometimes, festivals have specific procurement rules, i.e. goods used at the festival must be bought from vendors that are sustainable, local, ethical etc. Talk your concept through in detail with the festival early on.

For festivals: Communicate any regulations you might have on giveaways in a summarized form, e.g., a one-page handout.
Handbrot is a popular festival food stall in Germany, selling freshly baked bread filled with cheese. Photo by Katharina Weber

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