Have you made a deal with clear terms?

Make sure everyone involved is comfortable with the things they are supposed to do at the festival. Photo by Luisa Gajewski
For NGOs: When communicating with the festival, make sure to always be transparent about the workload you can take on. Don’t take on any tasks that you might not be able to fulfill. When you’re being asked to do anything that’s outside your core expertise or that is outside your barter deal, it is o.k. to set clear boundaries and communicate accordingly. In turn, this means that you have to deliver what you promised. You are responsible to instruct your team accordingly, so everyone knows what they have and don’t have to do.

For festivals: Make sure to tell NGOs what you expect from them early on. Remember that NGOs work on a volunteer basis, so offer them fair terms for their involvement. After all, they have great potential to make your festival a better, more interesting place.

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