Have you checked any legal and safety requirements that might be relevant for the project?

For NGOs: For example, when offering food, many health and safety regulations apply. When working with minors: which legal documents need to be filled out by their parents/legal guardians before they can participate? Does your project pose any potential safety or environmental hazards? If you want to build something, there may be regulations regarding the material to be used and height limits. Review the project design together with the festival production.

For festivals: Many legal and safety requirements that you encounter in your everyday work might be completely unknown to NGOs who come to a festival for the first time. Make them aware of common pitfalls and help them avoid these.

Find out more about “Parental responsibility – child custody and contact rights in Europe” at the EU’s European Justice website:

Look at this "Muttizettel" of Open Beatz Festival to see which information is required for minors to participate (German):

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