Is it possible to include the NGO in the awareness programme of the festival?

NGOs are in direct contact with the festival crowd, which makes them ideal partners for awareness programmes.

For festivals: If you invite NGOs that work on topics that you also explore with your festival (e.g. awareness), and they agree to present themselves in your NGO area, don’t expect to be educated by them for free. Please bear in mind that people working for NGOs are working without pay already – don’t use them as free consultants. Also, don’t let them do your work, use them as multipliers instead. Kindly ask the NGOs whether they want to be involved and have the capacities to support the programme.

For NGOs: Honestly think about if or to which extent you have the capacity to participate in programmes that the festival offers on top of your own project. It might enable you to form a closer bond with the festival team, but don’t feel obligated to participate; say no if you think it exceeds your capacities.

For a simple yet effective awareness initiative, check out “Wo geht’s nach Panama?”, offering on-site help to victims of sexual harassment: (article is in German, please use a browser with translation function to view it in your language) (under “Awareness”) (English)

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