Stage 4: Design and Partnership

A good partnership is definitely a reason to celebrate. Have some compostable confetti! Photo by Holger Jan Schmidt
It takes two to Tango, and it requires a lot of trust, good timing, communication and well-defined steps to perform those magical moves. Well, it takes at least two to have a cooperation project, and it requires good timing, smooth communication and trust in each other to make it right.

Good intentions and willingness to contribute to society is what brings you together. But good intentions will not be enough for an efficient and effective project; especially within a festival setting, which is already very stressful and difficult (although it brings a lot of fun, too!).

It is important that the partners know what they are getting into; have a mutually agreed upon road map and clear the path ahead of them in time.

Each journey starts with one step, and each partnership starts with good communication.

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