Do you have all required legal documents?

The mobile hydro power plant by Atelier Fleiter meets all the legal requirements. Photo by Sebastian Fleiter
Very tall constructions such as climbing towers or electricity-generating constructions need specific documents, a so-called test log book (German: Prüfbuch/Statikbuch) or at least an attested static construction plan that proves the construction is safe to use.

These constructions will be checked and tested before the festival starts. There are different rules for test log books depending on the festival and the country – make sure you have the right one. If you can't provide them, your project is very likely to be shut down by authorities. Have in mind that these test log books do cost money and need a certain amount of time to be made after ordering. If it's your first construction, take into account that you might have to alter some parts to get approval.

For festivals: Provide NGOs with any information they might need for the test log book and on how to get the legal documents for their constructions.

For NGOs: If you plan to bring big constructions, check in early with the festival organizers to find out which legal documents you need to provide.

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