For festivals: NGOs need your support

All venues have a limited capacity, so festivals can't give out unlimited wristbands to every partner. Photo by Anders Hjortkær
Festivals organizers shouldn't assume that NGOs know everything about a festival and its production. A perceived mistake committed by an NGO might have been done because of ignorance, not malevolence. Explain to NGOs what they need to know about festival production, so that they understand that some processes take more time and are more inflexible than others, and certain resources (e.g., passes/wristbands) are not limitless.

Depending on the size of the NGO, there are experienced and inexperienced organizations in large-scale events. Help them estimate the dimensions correctly, e.g., how many people will pass by their booth? How many giveaways should they bring?

Check out if there's a way to put all this information in a central place, so everyone working on the project can get the info they need whenever they need it.

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