What is the minimum/maximum number of people necessary to realize the project?

Think about how many people you really need to do a successful project. Photo by josephredfield from Pixabay
For NGOs: Festivals have a space capacity and therefore a limited number of passes to give out to guests. The fewer people you need to bring, the better.

For festivals: NGOs often have staff shortages regarding their volunteers. Even if your festival takes place during the holiday season, it is difficult for many NGOs to find enough volunteers to help at the festival. So when they ask for extra accreditations, it's not necessarily because they want to take advantage of the opportunity for free entry, but because some volunteers may only be able to help for a few hours, others only for one of the festival days, and so on. Also, you should have special accreditation rules in place regarding NGOs that bring people with disabilities and NGOs that work with minors. In these cases, accompanying persons (e.g., parents, a carer) are sometimes obligatory.

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