Is there an adequate balance between project and free time for the participants?

It's important to leave room for relaxation at festivals. After all, they are supposed to be fun. Photo by Holger Jan Schmidt
Time is the most limited resource.

For NGOs: Always remember, people at a festival came to a festival; this is their free time, their hard-earned leisure. Your project may be about the most important thing in the world, but you should not overstep where you are: at a festival.

Your project activities must be timed according to the festival programme and also leave people time to rest, relax as well. Do not try to squeeze every minute out of the day, so that people won't have to check their watches to not miss the next act while participating in your activity.

For festivals: Make sure you give the NGOs’ teams time to actually explore and enjoy your festival, besides their work at their booths. This way, they will probably form a closer connection with your festival and have time to discover their own learning experience – and have some fun!

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