Is the project creative?

Creative involvement of the festival visitors by NGO Grafing Goes Green in Superbloom's YOUR Planet area. Photo by Steffen Eirich
For NGOs: A festival is a lively place with lots to discover, lots of inspiration and potentially unique moments. Try to create a project that fits into this environment. Interact with the audience, rather than just showing info posters etc. Try to appeal to all five senses to bring social innovation to life. The more interesting your project appears to the young festival audience, the more likely they are to participate.
For festivals: Spend some time reviewing the project ideas that your partner NGOs present to you. Tell them if you think their project won't work at your festival. Try to create a space for them that enables them to be creative, e.g., create a central NGO space with single booths for each NGO and ask them to decorate their booths individually.
Activation & creativity at the booth of NGOs SOS Humanity and Sea-Watch in Superbloom's YOUR Planet area. Photo by Steffen Eirich

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