How will project partners be accommodated?

Camping is the easiest way to accommodate people at greenfield festivals, like here at Roskilde Festival's Common Ground camp. Photo by Alexander Fazio
For NGOs: Particularly at greenfield festivals, camping is usually the easiest way to find accommodation. Often, campgrounds are separated into areas for the general audience, for the crew and for VIPs. Find out, if you can get access to the campsite, and if yes, to which type.

No camping available? Ask the festival if they cooperate with a hotel to offer discounted rooms to their project partners.

If neither is the case, book a room on your own and do so as soon as you can. Hotel rooms tend to get expensive and fill up quickly during big events like festivals.

For festivals: If you are a city festival and don't have camping, that won't be a problem for local NGOs. However, those who travel from further away have to find accommodation early, otherwise it often becomes difficult to find something affordable. Most NGOs don't have big budgets for services like accommodations. If possible, organize discount promotions or cheap deals with hotels, hostels or campsites outside the city for NGOs.

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